Posted: June 28, 2012 in General

Back in January of this year ComixTribe and I released SCAM #1. A comic about of a crew of super powered con artists on the heist of their lives in Vegas. We were sincerely blown away by the response the readers and comic media gave it. IGN’s pick of the week. 9 out of 10 from and a featured article on as well as many other great and positive reviews. Because of that success we were able to go from our very successful Micro distribution format to the worldwide stage with Diamond Distribution.

That’s no small feat. Just think about it. All the hard work we put into making and marketing SCAM combined with the interest and enthusiasm from comic shops and readers made something a success. A grass roots bunch of comic fans, on both sides of producing and enjoying the book, made the book a success. IT CAN HAPPEN! But only thanks to YOU!

Your interest, kind words, recommendations and enthusiasm helped us make SCAM into the success it’s been. We couldn’t have done any of this without you giving SCAM, ComixTribe and myself a chance to earn your interest, money and time. And we don’t intend to waste that good will anytime soon. But just like every grass roots movement. We still need you to help us push the bar a little higher.

This month, we’re in Previews. SCAM #1 on page 275 order code Jun121002 and this time we’re available WORLD WIDE! It’s a GIGANTIC achievement that YOU’VE made possible. AND WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER TO HELP GET THE WORD OUT!
So please go out there, tell your friends, your family, co-workers, strangers and everyone you can think of that SCAM #1 is READY & WAITING to be pre-ordered. Tell them there’s a whole new world of entertainment coming from COMIXTRIBE just waiting to be discovered at your local comic shop.
We’re pouring everything we have into this book and promotion. And with it’s release in August you can expect a BIG promotional move to be made by ComixTribe in order to get the word out to the world about SCAM #1. We want new readers, old readers, disenfranchised readers and everyone looking for original and exciting entertainment to see SCAM. We want to remind people of everything that comics are and continue to be-THE LEADING MEDIUM FOR ORIGINAL AND INNOVATIVE ENTERTAINMENT!

What’s hot tomorrow, is in comic shops TODAY! There’s no denying it.

So help us spread the word. Let your Local Comic Shops know that SCAM #1 is coming. And guess what-we’re willing to give it all away just to get a chance at YOUR store!
If you buy 100 or more copies you can have an original page from the 44 page monster fist issue that is SCAM #1.
Retailers like, Maximum Comics, Jetpack Comics, Larry’s Comics, Third Eye Comics The Comic Book Shop and others are all getting on board and getting some great original art like this-

ComixTribe and myself appreciate everything the great retailers and readers who have supported us have done. And we can’t wait to see where we go from here!

SCAM #1 in June’s Previews, pre-order yours TODAY!

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